Blue Horizon UAV

Category: UAV

Fully operational and affordably priced system for real-time capturing and reporting of intelligence data 

Intelligence, surveilance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions include:

  • Intelligence gathering 
  • Close support operations 
  • Target acquisition 
  • Artillery correction 
  • Battlefield damage assessment 
  • Long flight endurance (>16 hours)
  • Advanced, lightweight, composite material airframe 
  • Short ground take-off. Equipped with arresting hook for short landing 
  • Can optionally be launched from Catapult and retreived by parachute 
  • Maximum air vehicle performance with payloads up to 37kg 
  • Ample electric power to support operation of EO and other payloads 
  • Short turn-around time. Assembly/disassembly requires only a 3-man crew
  • Transportation and operation of entire system on no more than 2 HMMWVs


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